Quality policy


Arpex Sp. z o.o. as the market leader in the segment of party accessories and festive decorations considers the fulfilment of clients’ needs and prediction of their desires its superior goal. We would like our company to be perceived as a reliable supplier and business partner.
The actions which we take in conjunction with the growth of the company, are always in line with the business ethics and abiding legal requirements. Human relations in the company are based on trust, honesty and mutual respect. We are loyal to our colleagues and business partners. The quality at Arpex Sp. z o.o. is a matter, every employee is responsible for, while the satisfaction of the customers is the main indicator of our success.

Our goal is:
Maintaining the leading position on domestic market and to expand to European markets.
Comprehensive and timely completion of clients’ orders.
Providing clients with safe and high quality products.

We would like to accomplish the abovementioned goals via:
An in-depth analysis of the market, constant analysis of the clients’ satisfaction level.
Development of dedicated offers, customised to answer given clients’ needs.
Purchases from qualified suppliers.
Hiring properly qualified personnel which guarantees the preservation of the adopted work standards.
Full commitment of the Management Board and employees in order to make the quality policy and goals happen.
Following the principles of Good Hygiene and Production Practices as well as execution of the HACCP system principles and treating the abovementioned as main tools providing health safety of the products.