Cookies policy

Some areas of the Website may use cookies, small files (usually text type) sent to the end device (computer, tablet, smartphone), which identify it, thus facilitating or terminating the operations taking place on the Website.

These files are absolutely safe for the end device and for the User. The Website will not obtain any personal information without the User’s expressed consent. Everyone may read cookies and check their contents. They can also be easily deleted from your computer.

Cookies must be accepted by the browser and not deleted from the hard drive in order for them to work. For comfortable use of website, we suggest accepting cookies in the User’s browser, because otherwise the use of the Website may be limited. Usually browsers accept cookies automatically, however a browser can be configured so that it always asks the User to accept or deny cookies. You can also delete cookies on your own. Just follow the steps of the following manual:

Our website uses the following types of cookies:

a. cookies required for the services of the Website to be provided such as authentication cookies used for authentication on the website;
b. cookies that provide security such as cookies used to detect abuse in the area of authentication on the website;
c. ‘performance’ cookies used to gather information about the way of using the website;
d. ‘functional’ cookies which allow remembering settings selected by the user as well as personalisation of the User’s interface, as for the language or region, the User comes from. Also login and passwords which makes using the website more comfortable;
e. ‘advertising’ cookies which allow display of targeted customised content for the users.

If you do not accept using cookies, we recommend turning them off in your browser’s options.

How to change the cookies settings in different browsers?

• Mozilla Firefox – click here
• Microsoft Internet Explorer – click here
• Google Chrome – click here
• Opera – click here
• Apple Safari – click here
• for mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices – we suggest checking the privacy settings on your mobile device producer’s website.

Please remember that in order to ensure correct functioning of user accounts and comfortable use of our websites, the cookies need to be turned on.