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There are many moments which require special setting. We know that perfectly and that is why we have constantly been expanding our assortment. The Arpex offer comprises over 5000 high quality products creating the exceptional atmosphere of holidays or give joyous touch to parties, regardless of whether this is a birthday or carnival party, wedding reception, a party held at home, or a Christmas or Easter meeting. Below, we present the main categories of products offered by us.

showParty Time

The Party Time is a line comprising a whole range of products perfect for any balls and parties. Our offer includes both the products for dancing parties and those for peaceful meetings of a group of friends. Our accessories guarantee good fun!

showParty Tale

The products decorated with cartoon or film characters have entered the group of classic children products for good. Birthday and other parties, as well as any meetings of the youngest friends, accompanied with the accessories showing the kids’ idols, guarantee good fun. We can boast the pioneer activities in this sector and the fact that we have been followed by other companies. Today, we succeed in manufacturing goods licensed by the most renowned companies such as Mattel or Warner Bros. Such accessories must strictly meet the highly restrictive quality requirements, concerning both the products themselves and the method of their manufacturing (technical and social inspections). It is worth adding that the accessories offered by us have all the certificates required and are approved for contact with food.


showDekor Time

The Dekor Time products are perfect for decorating the house. They highlight the aesthetic and aromatic features of rooms, ensuring elegance, creating warm and intimate atmosphere. They will also make it possible to enjoy relaxation and peace of one’s home.

showThe Polish Team

We have not forgotten about loyal football fans. Today, almost every sports event, besides vigorous encouragement, is attended by loyal fans wearing colourful accessories on the stands and streets. Our offer abounds in accessories which have become an inseparable attribute of all sports events.


It is for those in love that we have created a whole range of products perfect for St. Valentine’s Day. Our Valentine gadgets and gifts are a perfect way to express your love, while the incense sets and ornaments will make the time spent with the person you love even more unforgettable.


Easter is inseparably connected with the family atmosphere, spring and a well-decorated basket. Our extensive offer comprises products that will ensure a wonderful decoration for the Easter table and basket, create exceptionally colourful Easter eggs and provide much fun for children on Wet Monday.

showAll Saints’ Day

On the All Souls’ Day we commemorate the deceased relatives in a special way. Our offer comprises a wide range of flowers and wreaths for decorating graves, as well as products for tomb stone maintenance.



Christmas is the most colourful holiday, abounding in ornaments. Christmas trees, Santa Clauses and other decorations seem to come in endless quantities. One might even risk a statement that if something is absent, it must have never been invented. Our Christmas ornaments will make Christmas even more beautiful and colourful.


Carnival time is associated with good fun, balls and well-decorated rooms. Our balloons, costumes and other carnival accessories will give a unique character to a party at home or any more important event, and will bring much fun and laughter, regardless of whether it is organized for kids or for adults.





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